Why Franchise in Education?

Inherently High Demand
Inherently High Demand
Education is necessary and constantly changing, which means students will always need additional support.
Community Contribution
Community Contribution
Sylvan franchise owners collaborate with local schools and non-profit organizations to reach beyond their centers and make a meaningful difference to those who need it most.
Growth Opportunities
Growth Opportunities
Communities everywhere could benefit from reliable sources of supplemental education, giving you plenty of room to grow to multi-center ownership.

Why Now?

The truth is, not every child’s academic needs can be met solely within the traditional education system. That’s why, since its founding in 1979, Sylvan Learning has been leading the way in supplemental education.

With results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress showcasing a sharp decline in math and reading scores post-pandemic, it’s clear that supplemental education and its benefits are needed now more than ever. As students struggle to keep up or get ahead, teachers experience burnout and parents search for additional support to get their kids back on track, there has never been a better time to franchise with Sylvan and be part of the solution.

Student Scores Have Declined

Our Ideal Candidate

With a diverse community of franchise owners that includes passionate educators, entrepreneurs and parents, this opportunity is for anyone who wants to make a difference and typically meets the following criteria:

Minimum of $75,000 in liquidity
Minimum of $75,000 in liquidity
Minimum of $150,000 net worth
Minimum of $150,000 net worth
Passion for making a lasting impact on future generations
Passion for making a lasting impact on future generations

“I found that the district life didn’t really suit me. At Sylvan, it’s a family. All franchisees will bend over backward to support you and help you succeed.”

Lori Parker
Franchisee in Arizona

For Educators

Educators who transition to Sylvan ownership amplify their passion for helping students and ditch the crowded classrooms, excessive focus on standardized testing and limited funds and resources.

For Aspiring & Established Entrepreneurs

With the demand for supplemental education rising year after year, entrepreneurs can boost their portfolios by leveraging a decades-in-the-making legacy in supplemental education.

“When you compare the average gross revenue among Sylvan’s top 25 percent of territories to other franchises, dollar for dollar, Sylvan has a high upside.”

Ashish Gandhi
Multi-Unit Franchisee in Virginia

“I wanted to own a business that will leave a lasting impact, and Sylvan is just that. The curriculum works, and my own kids are a testament to that.”

Rafael Urquiza
Multi-Unit Franchisee in Florida

For Parents

When parents see how our proven results affect their children firsthand, they become inspired to transform the lives of other children in their communities through center ownership.


Initial Investment Range
Simplified Royalty Fee

Our royalty structure conveniently combines many operational costs into one 16% fee. Instead of nickel-and-diming like our competitors, our fee gives crucial services right back to the franchisees–including national marketing, digital educational programs, assessments and online training resources– resulting in the lowest fee structure in the industry.

Franchise Fee

Worried about affordability? Learn more about our incentives specifically for educators or how we can guide you to the financing options at your disposal.


Why Educators Choose Business Ownership With Sylvan

Hear from educators who made the transition from the classroom to business ownership with Sylvan – and from the team who’s ready to help you do the same!