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    Education Franchise Opportunity

    With more than 710 points of presence across the globe, 5,000 school relationships, and over 40 years of great results for students, Sylvan Learning has perfected its consumer model, its growth plans, and business opportunity. Along with the highest level of franchisee support and advancements in technology, Sylvan has created a best-in-class franchise opportunity.

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    Owning Your Own Sylvan Learning Franchise?

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      Leading Education Franchise

      With a fine-tuned business model that provides the most advanced and innovative approach to supplemental education in the industry, Sylvan Learning has been the top choice for students and their families for over 40 years.


      Inspiring Future Generations

      Sylvan helps young students realize their full potential and achieve their dreams. Our results-based approach to tutoring and test preparation is proven to improve school performance, setting children up for a lifetime of success.

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      Supporting Franchisee Success

      Sylvan offers comprehensive training and support for franchisees and staff. The executive team holds monthly system-wide calls to share news and celebrate successes.

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      Low Investment For High Reward

      The total investment range for a Sylvan Learning center is $85,525-$186,930. Franchisees are offered an industry best royalty rate to ensure operations run smoothly with no surprise expenses.

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      Network of Passionate Owners

      The Sylvan Franchise Owners Association serve as elected representatives and the voice of franchisees. Our collaborative relationship with owners helps drive our business forward as we stay ahead of industry trends.

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      of Sylvan Learning


      Love Sylvan

      Limitless Business Model Offerings

      Sylvan is a family company, providing optimum flexibility to the franchisees as a business both you and your children can grow with.




      Sylvan Learning, the leading provider of personalized supplemental and enrichment education for students in grades K–12, with more than 750 points of presence worldwide, finished out 2021 with an impressive surge of growth, including 55 new franchise partners, 47 total centers awarded, 29 new openings and six existing-owner expansions for the year. Now, in 2022, the brand is gearing up to open a new center, on average, every other week throughout the year, following its best year of awarding franchises in over a decade. New franchisees have already entered the year on a high note, with six of the planned openings already generating revenue through the brand’s virtual model while the brick and mortar locations are under construction.

      “We want to penetrate more of the country and be in communities that could really use Sylvan Learning,” said Sylvan’s CMO, Amy Przywara. “We are also working on accommodating self-service options. For example, someone could book a virtual session for tomorrow or the next day because they sense that their child needs something.”

      Sylvan Learning’s CEO, John McAuliffe, says because the brand has always prioritized a mentality of evolving with the times and adapting to the needs of children, the franchise has been able to grow and meet its goals year after year.

      “First and foremost, in 2022 and beyond, we want to grow more locations than we currently have,” said McAuliffe. “We have over 720 brick-and-mortar and satellite locations; we’d like to significantly grow that to meet the needs of more students. Also, we constantly look at new products, programs and the evolution of content so that we can address every child’s academic needs.”

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      • High demand for supplemental education.

        “We’ve seen an enormous demand for our services. Students and families are striving for greatness, and competition in schools is only growing higher. Sylvan gives students an opportunity to expand on what’s taught in schools to get an edge, particularly where it comes to college admissions.”High demand for supplemental education.

        Ashish Gandhi
        a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Virginia

      • No education experience required.

        "The first thing that jumped out at us when we came on board was Sylvan’s structure of support. The corporate team has been a huge help in every part of the transition: answering questions, training us, walking us through the process. They are doing everything possible to set us up for success."No education experience required.

        Josh Ploch
        a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Oklahoma

      • An emotional return on your investment.

        "Above all else, I love the lasting impact Sylvan leaves on its families. We’ve seen kids start out with us in elementary school, and as they near high school graduation, it’s very touching to see how Sylvan has led them to a longstanding path of academic success."An emotional return on your investment.

        Kim Teixeira
        a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Chesapeake, Virginia

      • 40 years of experience.

        "We’ve been at this for nearly 40 years, so there’s not much we haven’t seen. We’ve got systems and support in place to make sure all of our owners have everything they need to be effective and satisfied. We’ve streamlined the entire operations model so that new owners can jump in and get on their feet right with a strong business right away."40 years of experience.

        Georgia Chasen
        Sylvan’s Vice President of Franchise Development

      • An expansive reach.

        "Satellite locations are a very valuable proposition for Sylvan owners and our students. Families often have to travel from across the territory to get to their Sylvan location, and having a satellite location makes it much easier to keep students in the program if they move or if the commute to the original location proves too strenuous."An expansive reach.

        Ashish Gandhi
        a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Virginia

      • It’s more than just math.

        "I enjoy teaching SAT and ACT prep because I love seeing our students improve and the excitement in their eyes when their scores increase. One of the best parts of my job is when scores come out and I get texts and calls from my students and their parents about how proud they are that they accomplished their goals."It’s more than just math.

        Kent Kolbow
        a multi-unit Sylvan franchisee in Indiana

      • Leaders in education technology.

        "The more that educators throughout the country try to utilize technology to do the teaching for them without having the human touch and coaching, the more it fails. I think for Sylvan, and especially with our mobile platform SylvanSync, we leverage the curriculum in a way that is making it easier for the teacher to have more one-on-one impactful and teachable moments, while incorporating technology that is keeping students engaged and excited about learning. So we still need that certified teacher and one-on-one connection with each student to make the most impact that we can."Leaders in education technology.

        Randy Way
        a multi-unit franchisee in Washington state and former President of Sylvan Learning’s Franchise Owners Association

      • Proven results.

        "It feels great to run into parents and grandparents who tell us about what we were able to do for their kids and grandkids. Those rewards continue to compound. As we reflect back on our Sylvan business, we can feel good both from a financial and emotional standpoint."Proven results.

        Vic Peirce
        a former franchisee who recently retired

      • Unparalleled name recognition.

        "Everyone I spoke to said Sylvan was the premier brand for supplemental education. It’s time-tested and has the strongest brand. I wanted to provide the best service by joining the best company; it was a no-brainer."Unparalleled name recognition.

        Mike Kelley
        a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Minnesota

      • $518,159

        "That’s the average gross revenue among Sylvan’s top 25 percent of territories. When you compare the return to other franchises, dollar for dollar, Sylvan has a high upside." $518,159

        Ashish Gandhi
        a Sylvan multi-unit franchisee in Virginia


      Our Story

      In the last 40 years, we’ve learned a lot, taught a lot and made a big difference in the lives of many. It’s who we are and it’s what we do. Learn more about our vision.



      Our franchisees come from all walks of life. Your journey was probably similar to theirs before they joined Sylvan.


      MEET OUR



      In The News

      We are looking for candidates who are serious about taking the leap into franchise ownership. If you
      are looking for more information, you can simply click here and we will send you more.



      Initial Investment Range

      All-in franchisor cost 16% of monthly gross revenues,
      with a total minimum annual royalty of no less than $32,000
      AUV of $518,159 for top 25% of territories by gross revenue

      A franchise requires an investment of time and money.







      Net Worth

      This table reflects the total Gross Revenues from the Sylvan business in the 367 reporting Sylvan Territories for 2019. The table divides the group into quartiles, based on Gross Revenue by Territory. In addition, the table reflects the Gross Revenues for each of the top 10 Territories within each quartile.

      Top 25% of Territories
      by Gross Revenue
      Mid-Upper 25% of
      Territories by Gross
      Mid-Lower 25% of
      Territories by Gross
      Bottom 25% of
      Territories by Gross
      Category Average Gross Revenues
      $ 668,4201 $ 352,8102 $ 246,2243 $ 140,1294
      Category Median Gross Revenues
      $ 578,0885 $ 351,2446 $ 247,7587 $ 146,4678
      Gross Receipts of the Top 10 Territories in Each Quartile
      $1,696,786 $425,697 $293,364 $193,191
      $1,628,753 $422,481 $292,519 $192,449
      $1,273,700 $417,750 $291,016 $192,336
      $1,254,575 $415,257 $290,199 $191,979
      $1,253,078 $413,570 $289,999 $189,952
      $1,209,002 $411,191 $289,533 $189,522
      $1,145,629 $410,222 $288,942 $188,923
      $1,133,936 $409,230 $287,996 $188,351
      $1,118,005 $407,685 $285,661 $188,257
      $1,055,677 $405,116 $285,329 $188,097
      Gross Receipts of the Bottom 10 Territories in Each Quartile
      $456,072 $304,260 $207,615 $82,387
      $456,010 $304,250 $206,627 $81,787
      $455,264 $304,212 $205,717 $78,626
      $454,879 $303,948 $205,445 $71,262
      $445,801 $301,821 $205,192 $70,120
      $443,866 $299,531 $204,803 $65,915
      $440,355 $299,012 $203,095 $62,248
      $436,798 $298,133 $201,370 $56,437
      $430,204 $297,775 $200,115 $51,274
      $426,504 $295,643 $195,268 $28,581


      The table divides the group into quartiles, based on Gross Revenue by territory.

      Top 25% of Territories by Gross Revenue $668,4201
      Mid-Upper 25% of Territories by Gross Revenue $352,8102
      Mid-Lower 25% of Territories by Gross Revenue $246,2243
      Bottom 25% of Territories by Gross Revenue $140,1294



      With more than 750 points of presence around the world, Sylvan Learning centers are deeply ingrained in the communities they serve. As demand for the most reputable name in supplementary education continues to soar, we are growing to meet it.



      Interested in Canada? Schedule a call with Courtney Wells here or Maureen Eichholz here!


      Inquire directly to learn more, Sylvan Learning currently has a presence in United Arab Emirates, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam.