LET’S GO

    Unparalleled Operational Support

    Sylvan shows you how to run a center, utilizing the tools and operational support in place for all franchisees who enter the Sylvan system.

    Unmatched Technology

    Sylvan Learning Franchisee Mike Kelly talks about why he chose Sylvan as a business opportunity.

    Mike Kelly, a multi-unit Sylvan Learning owner, discusses the reasons he chose to become a franchisee with the leading enrichment and supplemental education brand.

    Proven Process and Support

    Sylvan Learning franchisee Mital Rethod talks about why she chose Sylvan as her next business venture.

    Mital Rethod chose a different career path that allowed her to pursue her passion for education alongside a proven process and support from Sylvan Learning’s corporate staff.

    The Perfect Fit For Her Next Venture

    Sylvan Learning franchisee Robbie Walls talks about why Sylvan was the perfect fit for her next venture.

    Robbie Walls looked at franchise opportunities across multiple industries. Learn why she chose Sylvan Learning as the perfect fit for her next venture.

    Spend More Time With Family

    Sylvan Learning franchisee Brad Warn talks about his journey to becoming a Sylvan business owner.

    Brad Warn decided to transition into franchise ownership with Sylvan Learning so he could spend more time with his family rather than on the road traveling for work.

    Brand Name Recognition

    Sylvan Learning franchisees The Becketts discuss why they chose Sylvan as a business.

    The Becketts chose Sylvan as a strong franchise opportunity for a variety of reasons including brand name recognition, tools and support from corporate, and its major focus on technology.

    A Desire to Help People

    Sylvan Learning franchisees the Sullivan Family discussed why they chose Sylvan as an opportunity.

    The Sullivan family discusses their pathway to Sylvan, applying a business background to a strong franchise opportunity, while also having the chance to help students in their community.

    Legacy Brand Passed Down to Future Generations

    Kari Weigel and Marissa Roh’s dedication to Sylvan Learning has been steadfast throughout the past 21+ years. Having an emotional and family connection to the brand allows these owners to appreciate their work daily.