LET’S GO

    Terry Wettig

    Terry Wettig Sylvan Franchisee

    Being a Sylvan franchisee is more than the satisfaction and reward of owning my own business. It’s about helping children and families meet personal and educational goals; it’s about having long-term impact on children’s futures—it’s waking up each day knowing I’m making a difference.

    William Silva

    William Silva Sylvan Franchisee

    Being a Sylvan franchisee has been an exciting life change for me and my family. We have enjoyed becoming a well-known center in my community because of the positive impact we have been making for our students.

    Jessica Rawlings

    Jessica Rawlings Sylvan Franchisee

    My favorite part of being a Sylvan franchisee is the flexibility that it has given me to juggle being a working mom. Plus, the support that we have from our corporate team, as well as fellow franchisees, is unmatched.

    Ashish Gandhi

    Ashish Gandhi Sylvan Franchisee

    As a parent of a child who struggled with reading comprehension, we saw firsthand the benefits of what the Sylvan Curriculum can do. We believe in the program wholeheartedly and enthusiastically share our experiences with our new families.