How Franchisees Win

Sylvan's Leadership Team Discusses What Makes Franchisees Win

Catching up with the brand’s CEO, CMO and VP of Franchise Development to find out what owners can do to thrive within the supplemental and enrichment education franchise’s system.

For 40 years, Sylvan Learning has set the pace for the supplemental and enrichment education industry through a breadth of tutoring and after-school programs, innovative technology and a results-driven approach to personalized learning.

By nature, Sylvan Learning franchisees are exceptionally passionate individuals who are dedicated to improving students’ learning outcomes in their communities. We caught up with Sylvan Learning’s leadership team to find out what Sylvan owners can do to make their centers thrive—all with the end goal of helping more students achieve their full potential.

"Sylvan franchisees focus on bringing quality academics to their communities. Throughout the process, they continue to get inspired by the mission-driven organization,” said Georgia Chasen, VP of Franchise Development. “Owning a Sylvan center allows them to feel like they are adding true value to the world, not just contributing to some nameless corporation.”

Chasen added that the most successful franchisees personally interact with every single parent in their territory. “They introduce themselves and ask about that family’s journey through the local school system,” she said. “They want to celebrate each of their Sylvan student’s wins—whether that’s learning to read, improving their SAT/ACT test score, or gaining admission to the college of their dreams.

Amy Przywara, Chief Marketing Officer, echoed the importance of being active and engaged locally. This visibility elevates Sylvan as a touchstone in the community while marketing the local center’s services. “It’s about being authentic and building genuine relationships. Eventually, people will recognize the franchisee as the local point person for Sylvan. They’ll start calling the person who’s always wearing a Sylvan shirt for advice. Our franchisees truly become part of the community as a business owner.”

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Key Takeaways

  • Sylvan Learning franchisees feel like they are adding true value to the world, not just contributing to some nameless corporation.
  • Successful Sylvan franchisees are very active and engaged with their local community. This visibility elevates Sylvan as a touchstone in the community while marketing the center’s services.
  • While not all Sylvan franchisees have previous experience in marketing or sales, successful owners learn to network by inquiring about and addressing the community’s needs.
  • Sylvan franchisees are great leaders who empower their staff and provide all the resources teachers need to help students realize academic success.
  • Sylvan franchisees take advantage of the resources provided by the Sylvan system at every chance, from the operations manual to ongoing training and best practices to speaking with each other.
  • Great franchisees plan and execute three local marketing initiatives a month, such as flyering neighborhood businesses, coming up with a new promotion or tabling at a community event.
  • Franchisees feel committed to making their Sylvan Learning business the best it can possibly be.

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