3 Questions with Leaders

Three Questions With Leaders: Sylvan’s Executive Team Members Sound Off

CEO John McAuliffe, CTO Monica Nicolau and VP of Education Emily Levitt share just why Sylvan is an unparalleled brand in the supplemental education sector.

For the last 40 years, premier supplemental education brand Sylvan Learning has been paving the way for student success thanks to technology-driven classroom innovation, proven ACT/SAT test prep curricula, in-demand STEM courses and more.

So what makes Sylvan such a standout brand in the supplemental and enrichment education space? Three of Sylvan’s leaders—Chief Executive Officer John McAuliffe, Chief Technology Officer Monica Nicolau and Vice President of Education Emily Levitt—share their thoughts on everything from Sylvan’s proven model, why they’re excited to go to work each day and why now is exactly the right time to buy a Sylvan Learning Center.
What makes Sylvan Learning the dominant player in the supplemental education space?

“The fact that Sylvan has 40 years of proven success shows that we have a great brand name and grew such trust with our customers. Other brands can’t say that,” said Nicolau. “I also think that with the addition of our personalized tutoring technology, SylvanSync, student success can be proven even faster than before based on more granular data.”

Levitt further built on Nicolau’s focus on data-driven analysis.
“Because our programs are delivered through tech, we can pull a lot of data to judge how well our system and our students are doing. We constantly monitor academic quality across the system to drive really great results. None of our competitors can claim to do that,” said Levitt.

Levitt also echoed Nicolau’s endorsement of SylvanSync, saying: “We carefully match our plans to each child’s specific needs via our SylvanSync platform and we always put the teacher at the center of the plan. We have wonderful education technology, but we know that a child is never going to work as hard for a computer as they would for a teacher. That’s why we make sure our technology complements our focused instructional approach.”
McAuliffe also cited SylvanSync as a key differentiator.

“SylvanSync is our proprietary delivery technology; our students take an assessment, and then Sync translates the data from the assessment as well as student and parent goals to create an individualized learning program ordered up for each session,” McAuliffe explained. “The system delivers and adapts, and then delivers curricula tailored to the individual student’s needs.”

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Key Takeaways

  • Sylvan Learning enjoys myriad key differentiators including personalized tutoring technology, SylvanSync; data-driven methodology; an on-staff team of full-time editors; in-house support resources including Sylvan University; and a recurring revenue stream thanks to a yearly influx of newly school-age students.
  • Sylvan’s continued investment in technology and operational infrastructure make now the perfect time to buy a Sylvan Learning Center.
  • Sylvan offers not only a strong business opportunity, but a place for franchise owners to live out their values. Sylvan franchisees embody the brand’s mission to provide children a bridge to success through exceptional education, every day.

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